Liz Practice Manager

Liz has worked in all areas in veterinary medicine from Reception, Administration to all facets of Veterinary Management for over 25yrs.  Liz understands how to build, train and maintain a highly efficient compassionate team. She believes in a team where Client Service, Patient Care and Team satisfaction are her #1 goal. She specializes in team management with special focus on the day-to-day operations of the hospital. Her empathetic and fun personality brings much comfort, positivity to her staff, patients and clients at Green Lane Animal Hospital.  Liz’s love for all animals and her community is what drives her career objectives each day.

Liz grew up in North Bay and surrounding areas with cats, dogs, rabbits, a raccoon (yes -as a pet named 'Rascal') horses, pigs and chickens. She enjoys sports such as horseback riding, volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, biking and hiking. Her passion for medicine, and team building has truly blended with Green Lane Animal Hospital’s mission and core values.

Liz has recently adopted a sweet little Himalayan/Persian/Munchkin cross kitty.