Cryosurgery for Pets

Cryosurgery offers a quick & painless solution for pet skin growths.

Over the span of your furry friend’s life, they will likely develop skin growths or pathologies. Some can be quite harmless, while others can be serious, requiring immediate medical care and removal. These include cysts, infected lesions, extra eyelashes, as well as skin and mouth tumours. With cryosurgery, taking out these abnormalities has never been easier. Our veterinarians here at Green Lane Animal Hospital use the CryoProbe pen – one of the most advanced tools for cryosurgery. It takes only seconds to freeze the affected area, and maximum precision is guaranteed so healthy tissue is not damaged. It even works on very small lesions. Feel free to call us at 905-597-7373 for more details.

How does cryosurgery work?

The device uses nitrous oxide with a temperature of -89°C to freeze the affected area on the skin or in the mouth. Because the pen is so small, only the area it is pointed towards will freeze, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

Do pets need anesthesia for cryosurgery?

No. It is virtually painless because of the targeted treatment provided by the CryoProbe pen. Your pet may feel a bit of discomfort or sting, but that will subside immediately once the pen is no longer in contact with their skin.

How should I care for my pet after their cryosurgery?

The treated area usually develops into a scab before regressing, so it is important to stop your pet from scratching it to prevent infections or other complications. After your pet’s treatment, we will show you techniques for how to prevent this from happening.

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