Dermatology Services

Caring for your loyal companion’s skin, fur and nails with routine veterinary visits.

When it comes to skin conditions, we’re familiar with it all. We’ve seen bumps, hair loss, and the unfortunate sight of a pet in discomfort. Our veterinarians can diagnose and treat your pet’s dermatological issues. We can also provide advice on how to prevent them from developing certain conditions. To learn more about your pet’s skin care, book an appointment with us by calling 905-597-7373.

Does dermatology only focus on my pet’s skin and fur?

No! Under our dermatological care, your pet’s nails and ears are also inspected. These body parts are an extension of their skin and are sometimes neglected due to people’s focus on a pet’s stomach and fur. Their floppy and expressive ears are susceptible to parasites, like ear mites. In addition, when we examine your pet’s nails, we look for signs of swelling, bleeding or brittleness. These could indicate a deeper skin condition.

How will I know the cause of my pet’s skin problem?

When you bring your pet in for an appointment, our doctors will examine your pet’s body and have an in depth conversation with you about their recent outings, animal encounters or changes to the home. Following our examination, we can diagnose your pet’s skin problems and discuss where or why they may have developed it. We can’t promise to know for sure but these conversations are helpful in narrowing down the cause. For instance, it’s possible your pet may have an allergic reaction to the environment or a new product at home. They may have even caught a parasite from feces in your neighbourhood or another infected pet. Moving forward, we’ll offer you a treatment plan and advice on how to prevent your pet from encountering this issue again.

How do I ensure my pet’s skin and fur stays healthy?

The best way to care for your pet’s skin is to groom them regularly at home and with a professional. This will be an opportunity to keep their fur from becoming matted and inspect them for skin problems or parasites. Colloidal oatmeal shampoo is popular for baths since the ingredient soothes irritations. To keep their fur and joints healthy, we recommend supplements, like Ascenta’s Fish Oil. We also insist your pet takes their parasite prevention medicine to protect their skin from infestations.

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