Deworming Services for Pets

Protect your pet from deadly parasites by deworming them regularly.

To give your pet the best healthcare possible, we recommend getting them into a deworming routine ASAP. Deworming is a preventative practice that protects your pet from contracting parasites. Your pet’s deworming process should begin when they are 2-weeks-old. They will continue to be treated with deworming medication until they are 3-months-old. If your pet is older than that, and a new addition to your family, they are still welcome to receive our parasite prevention support. To get your pet started on their fight against parasites, book an appointment by calling 905-597-7373.

How can I help my pet avoid parasites?

Parasites can be contracted through feces, infected animals and the great outdoors. Ensure your furry explorer plays in an area where there are no animal droppings. If you’re checking out new green spaces, search online for any recent ticks or mosquito infestations in the area. Ticks are parasites that latch onto your pet’s skin that can transmit Lyme disease and mosquitos can transport heartworms into your pet’s blood stream. It’s not easy to protect your curious pet from an encounter but having them dewormed from a young age is the best first step.

Is deworming necessary?

Yes. Having your pet on a deworming plan protects them and other neighbourhood pets from contracting or spreading parasitic infections. This is an action that benefits your home and entire animal community.

What happens when I give my pet deworming medication?

Deworming blocks parasites from multiplying in your pet’s body or removes them if they’re already there. The medication can be administered orally or through injection. It creates an inhospitable environment for parasites to reproduce. If the goal is to remove worms from your pet’s system, the parasites will exit through your pet’s feces. They may not be visible and that’s okay. During this process, make sure to pick up your pet’s feces to prevent other animals from touching it.

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