Microchipping for Pets

The only permanent, reliable way to identify a lost pet.

One of the most important things every pet owner should know about microchipping is that it is not a tracking device. Microchips are only activated if your pet is found, brought to a shelter or veterinarian’s office and the chip is scanned. The chip carries a pet owner’s contact information. If your number and address are not updated, you and your pet will be very difficult to reunite. To get your pet set up with their own microchip, book an appointment by calling us at 905-597-7373.

Does every shelter or veterinarian office have a scanner?

We can’t guarantee that every institution working with animals or pets has a scanner (due to funding or other setbacks) but we can confidently say that most do. Community’s that center pet care understand they can wander too far and get lost. As a result, they will usually have a scanner to ensure owners and their furry family members are reunited. To help us help you, ensure your contact information is updated if you move or change phone numbers.

How do I update my contact information?

When you come in for an appointment to get your pet microchipped we will provide you with forms to fill with your contact information. These forms will connect you with a pet registry service. However, there are many different kinds of pet registries, with different benefits, and you’re welcome to choose a service that best serves your interests. Regardless, once your pet is microchipped they must be registered in order for your documentation to exist in the registry. Afterwards you can login or call the company to make the appropriate changes to your contact information when you’re ready.

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