Senior Care for Pets

Supporting your pet through their golden years with specialized care and monitoring.

We know you and your pet have been through all kinds of ups and downs. Reaching their geriatric age means there will be new kinds of adventures and our veterinarians can guide you through them. Your pet reaching their golden years is a huge accomplishment and they’re lucky to have a loved one dedicated to their well-being. To learn more about how you can continue to care for them in this new stage of their life, call us at 905-597-7373 to book an appointment.

Why is senior pet care important?

As our pets age, their immune system becomes susceptible to more illnesses. Senior care targets your pet’s vulnerabilities and attempts to treat them before they become a chronic issue. When we see your pet more often, we can determine if the medicine or lifestyle changes we recommend are effective and we make the appropriate adjustments if needed.

Will I have to increase my pet’s veterinary examinations?

Yes. Older pets should come in for wellness checks semi-annually to ensure we detect diseases or infections sooner. When our pet’s body changes, naturally it will have new demands. Sometimes this means they will need to shift their diet, establish a new exercise routine that does not exert them, or take new medication.

What kind of conditions can my pet develop in their old age?

Your pet can develop many organ diseases, including heart, kidney and liver disease. Cancer, dementia and arthritis are also common at this stage. Sometimes pets simply become weaker and need more consideration and patience when taken for walks. It’s important that, even as they encounter age-related health problems, their physical and emotional health must be cared for. Speak to our veterinarians about how your pet’s exercise routine should be adjusted to further support your pet through their geriatric years.

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