Weight Management for Pets

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight with our weight management program.

When your pet comes in for their veterinary exam, checking their weight is a part of the routine. We do this to ensure they are at their optimal weight. Many owners cannot tell when their pet is overweight – and we don’t blame them! Healthy weight ranges vary significantly from one breed to the next. During our weight management consultations, we will figure out the source of your pet’s weight gain. The reasons could vary from lack of exercise to the existence of an underlying medical condition, such as Cushing’s disease. If your pet has an illness, that will be our first concern. Once we’ve treated them, we can create a weight loss plan and power walk them (among other techniques) into a long and healthy life. To learn if your pet is overweight, book an appointment with us by calling 905-597-7373.

Why does my pet have to lose weight?

Every cat and dog breed has their own ideal weight. When they are overweight they run the risk of developing long term medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and heart disease. It’s important that pet owners become familiar with their pet’s standard weight and monitor it. You can learn this by asking your pet’s doctor. If you notice your pet is consistently over or underweight (not just for one day), that may indicate a lack of physical activity or an illness. We suggest you bring your pet in for an appointment to address these concerns with a veterinarian.

What services do you provide that helps my pet lose weight?

To help your pet lose weight our veterinarians will create a customized weight reduction plan to get them in shape. This plan includes exercise routines, feeding schedules, calorie counts and a dietary consultation. This will be a difficult transition for your pet and require a lot of discipline for the owners too. Every few months we will follow up with our furry client to track their progress and adjust their weight loss plan accordingly.

What can I do at home to help them stay at their ideal size?

The best you can do is provide positive reinforcement for your pet and commit to the weight loss plan we’ve designed for them. Overweight pets are resistant to physical activity, so pet owners will have to work extra hard to get them engaged. It helps to play their favourite games or take them to areas where they will have to move, like in the water or at the park. You will also need to reduce their treats. Every pet has their own weight reduction plan but it’s generally recommended that treats be 10% of their daily consumption.

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