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“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

— Colette

Veterinary Care in Thornhill

Client education, open lines of communication, and outstanding customer service are an integral part of our focus at Green Lane Animal Hospital. We adjust your pet’s medical, surgical, and dental care program to meet your veterinary needs and lifestyle, welcoming the pet owner as a part of our vet service team.

In addition to veterinary care, we offer a variety of pet care resources, including pet care articles, videos, and links to local and global informational sites. We believe in your right to be an informed veterinary consumer and will work with you to find the options and choices that suit you and your unique situation.

Find out about our veterinary services, meet our veterinarians and staff, or take our vet hospital tour. We welcome you to Thornhill’s Green Lane Animal Hospital and look forward to serving you and your pet!

Green Lane photography by Ron Schuster, www.whatisreel.com.

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